• 1 Set Car Washes Starting from £10 and Tailored Packages from £30
  • 2 Exterior Wash/Wax. Dry By Hand. Wheels, Arches and Tyres Dressed.
  • 3 CBB's Car Valeting for Newton Abbot, South and East Devon
  • 4 From Small Cars (Fiesta, Corsa, Polo, Etc..) to Extra Large Cars (Galaxy, Zafira, 4x4's, Etc...)
  • 5 Motor Bikes: Low Pressure Wash. De-Grease Dirt and Road Grime. Dry By Hand. Bodywork Polished.

Bike, Boat and Car Valeting from CBB's Valeting Devon

CBB's Valeting offer a top class service and pride ourselves in knowing how to get the best results possible for whatever is required for each clients requests.

We operate from our unit, but mobile valets are possible where there is access to an outside source of water and electric, although these valets would be reliant on good weather conditions. Our prices cater for all types of valets, from simple washes to the full Monty. We even do the premier of valets - being the seal and protect valet -giving the vehicle a much better protection, this is a costly valet but well worth it.

We offer a discounted service for businesses who are interested in multiple valets for commercial vans, etc... this can extend to private clients who have more than one car to valet.

After 28 years of working in the motor trade for a prestigious German franchise, I developed a passion for keeping and appreciating cars looking their best, this extended to motorcycles as I am a keen motor cycle enthusiast, then in more recent years I became an owner of a yacht, hence the valeting has extended to boats as well.

Please don’t hesitate to phone for any enquiries.

NEW - Tornador Cleaning Gun Autosmart Tornator

Tornador Gun is a versatile new cleaning tool that uses a combination of high-pressure air and chemical. It is extremely fast and easy to use and perfect for getting into hard to reach areas to remove dirt that other methods leave behind or can’t reach. The Tornador Gun does not use crevice tools or brushing, making it the perfect solution for cleaning delicate surfaces such as convertible roofs and leather upholstery.

The Tornador gun is perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Hard to reach areas – vents, seat belt holders and seat rails, gearshift boot, door pockets, joins between trim.
  • Delicate surfaces – leather, headlinings, suede effect upholstery, switchgear, sat nav screens.
  • Cleaning and restoring texture to floor mats and upholstery.


  • Hard to reach areas – panel gaps, trim, around badges
  • Removing water or polish residue from crevices and panel gaps
  • Light / medium under bonnet clean
  • Convertible roofs
  • Motorcycles